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  • appointed as a court interpreter by the Brno Regional Court (2010)
  • MA degree acquired t the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University – field of study: English Language and Literature (2010)
  • MA degree acquired at the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University (2007)
  • general state language exam in the English language (2002)
long-term stays abroad:
  • USA (8/2000 – 6/2001): year-long study stay with the Global Outreach programme
  • Finland (7/2003 – 2/2004): Erasmus study stay, studying law in English at the University of Lapland (Lapin yliopisto)
  • Scotland (10/2007 – 9/2008): work stay
  • Belgium (2011): traineeship at the European Parliament in Brussels
  • England (2014): work experience at the law office Bennetts Solicitors, Attorneys & Notaries

obvyklé dotazy

Why choose me?
  • As a graduate of both the law and English studies faculties, I have a deep knowledge of legalese and the law as well as an excellent command of English. I know what I am talking about and how to talk about it.
  • In addition to interpreting and translating, I work as an attorney, which means that I am active in this field on a daily basis.
  • Fees are usually charged by the standard page or by the hour. A standard page is 1,800 characters incl. spaces.
  • Fees are always discussed in advance.
  • Special fees may be arranged in case of long-term cooperation.
What is the difference between certified (sworn) and commercial translations?
  • A certified translation includes a translator’s clause, which confirms that the translation corresponds to the original text.
  • Certified interpreting means that the interpreter ensures that the client understands the act performed and the persons involved (police authority, judge, other officials) and the interpreter interprets the content of the client’s speech for other people present.
What will I need from you?
  • e specification of translation/interpreting
  • the original of the translated document or its certified copy
Who can use my services?
  • any natural or legal person or state authority